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Yolo Direct Foods

Yolo Direct Foods

Yolo County is blessed with an active farming community that wants to work with you to provide a direct producer to consumer model of food distribution. The benefits of this for everyone and everything involved is enormous. Your eating locally produced food reduces transportation costs, farming costs and no doubt medical care costs as well.

On your next trip out of town, visit a local grocery store. Chances are you won't find a Davis Food Coop, and you'd have to really time you trip right to catch a local Farmer's Market. In most grocery stores the foods have traveled at least 1500 miles to get there, and the varieties chosen are ones that can make the trip. What we are trying to do on these pages is to promote direct to consumer food markets. We can do that by providing you information about local farms, what they produce and where to find them.

The easiest thing to do is to stop by the Davis Farmer's Market any Saturday Morning or Wednesday afternoon. Each of the Market days has a slightly different feel and set of vendors, but you can be sure that they are always fresh and local Here is the start of our list.

Davis Farmer's Market Growers


More Farmer's Markets Coming Soon

Winter's Farmer's Market

Woodland Farmer's Market

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