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In music, syncopation is a stress on a normally unstressed beat, or a missing beat where a stressed one would normally be expected. Syncopation is used in many musical styles, including classical music, but it is fundamental in such styles as reggae, ragtime, rap, jump blues, jazz and often in dubstep. In the form of a back beat, syncopation is used in virtually all contemporary popular music.

Syncopation may have the following meanings.

  • Syncopation, in music, the stressing of a normally unstressed beat in a bar or the failure to sound a tone on an accented beat.
  • Syncopation (dance), a specific usage of the term in dance.
  • Syncopation, a 1942 American film.
  • Syncope in speech and poetry.

Listen to Syncopation

This band specializes in syncopation so much it is their name. Visit JazzSyncopation.com to hear a number of examples of syncopation in use, they are very talented musicians.

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