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SemRush.com Advanced SEO

Providing clues to the secrets of your competitors

About SemRush.com:

SemRush.com provides advanced SEO analysis including keyword data mining and comparisons with competitors and what they're paying for Google Adwords keywords. For advanced SEO optimization of websites and competitor analysis.

SEMRush.com. The new tool for Search Engine Marketing. US database 40 000 000 keywords. Learn everything about your competitors!

Do you know how much your competitors spend on AdWords? SEMRush.com will tell you!

Then there's WhoRush.com for spying on your competitor's sites

Note the company is German and some of their English is a little humorous but they definitelyget the job done

What WhoRush.com enables you to do:

  • Find Related Websites
  • Uncover the hidden projects of successful web-masters
  • Identify MFA-networks
  • Competitive analysis
  • Niche finding
  • Find out new ways of making money in the internet
  • Get the list of some seo-firms clients (Analytics ID)
  • Get the list of virtual hosting companies clients
  • Analyse whois and some other data

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