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Paul Janka Review

Is Paul Janka a scammer?

Absolutely Not!

Paul Janka's approach is to teach you how to be CONFIDENT with women as this is what they best respond to sexually. His methods really work!

Are You Making THIS
Mistake With Women?

By Paul Janka

Sitting across from a romantic partner kills sexual energy.

First off, it has an interview configuration in which you are physically confronting one another. This format is good for asking challenging questions or scrutinizing a job applicant, not for sharing tender caresses or whispering provocative words.

Also, your voice has to project across a table top, so it doesn't have the intimacy of the close-spoken word. In addition, you don't have a shared point-of-view (POV). The value of a shared POV is that you can identify things, comment on people, laugh at something you both see, etc. The opposing POVs which two parties have across a table is more suitable for adversaries than intimates.

Side-by-side seating begins the physical process. With the woman by your side, you can put your hand on her thigh, lean into her shoulder, kiss her neck, hold her hand under the table, etc.

With something as simple as the proper use of seating, you've created a sense of intimacy and unity that could soon lead to something physical. Choose to sit across, however, and more than likely you've increased her sense of alienation.

I'm Paul Janka, and for the last 5 years, I've been teaching men how to generate sexual attraction in women. I have spent the last few years teaching thousands of men from all over the world the few simple techniques that will get a girl sexually excited by you, almost every time. Click the link below and watch my video, you'll be glad you did!

Learn how to make a woman feel instantly attracted to you

How to Make a Woman Instantly Attracted to You

Make sure your sound is on! Press play to watch this special video...

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