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Free yourself from paper and do Internet Faxing with PamFax

PamFax has got to be one of the greatest apps on the Internet, allowing you to send faxes for as low as 8 cents a page and for very low monthly prices you can receive them at a new phone number which you can direct to a Skype account! You can thus potentially eliminate paper entirely and do all your Fax sending and receiving electronically! We love this app and recommend it to our business users who are working to free themselves from paper and old-school electronic Fax machines! Just visit PamFax.com to sign up for a free account and download their free software which enables you to SEND faxes for starters at very low cost, then you can decide if you want to use one of their thrifty by-the-month paid services to get a custom Fax number and RECEIVE Faxes at low cost too.

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