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Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is all about consuming adequate nutrients for you personally

There is so much hype and outright misinformation surrounding the field of nutrition that it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are no 'magic foods' that will cause you to lose weight, regrow lost hair, cure cancer, or much of anything else useful, despite what anyone says. What you can do however with the right choices of foods and supplements is to supply your body with the highest quality nutrients it needs in the right amounts and proportions so that it will have the opportunity to maximize its own health through the mechanisms that have evolved over millions of years to do so. Anything less and your body must make do with whatever it's got, with your health likely to suffer. You don't want to go overboard either with megadoses of supplements because too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad for you.

If you feel as if you are totally lost in the dark when it comes to nutrition, you might want to seek professional advice. Dr. Karl Simanonok is a Ph.D. Physiologist with a Master's degree in Nutrition and he is available on a consulting basis for $59 for an initial phone consult and then $100/hr after that for any personalized nutrition advice you might need on a continuing basis. If you want general advice about what supplements most people should be taking Dr. Simanonok will send you free information about that. Keep in mind he cannot give you medical advice, you should see your doctor about that and inform him or her about any new nutritional supplmentation you might be planning. You can email Dr. Simanonok at the following link:

For those who already know what they want in terms of supplements:

We recommend VitaCost.com for your nutrient supplementation needs because they stock high quality products we use ourselves and can vouch for. Enter the name of any supplement in the Enter keyword box below to get started. We welcome your feedback about Vitacost.com in the Facebook comment plugin at the bottom of the page!

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