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Galactic Culture

The universe, even the small section that we know, is immensely large, populated by trillions upon trillions of stars and galaxies so numerous that it seems obvious that our little planet in orbit around our little sun in our little corner of the Milky Way galaxy is not likely to be the only place where life and intelligence have arisen. Consequently the odds are that there is a rich galactic culture of spacefaring civilizations that we simply aren't part of yet. Or maybe we are in ways we don't quite understand, such as possibly in the way anthropologists may try to preserve a primitive Amazonian tribal culture by not exposing them to the outside world, or rather not exposing the outside world to them. Either way the purpose is to prevent the inevitable loss of indigenous culture that occurs by such exposure. Think how cruel it would be to transplant an aborigine to Los Angeles or New York; they'd be lost until they could adapt and most of their previous culture would become so irrelevant that it would dissipate away. I think there might have been a couple of movies featuring themes like that. Anyway the point is that our own culture that we may consider so sophisticated might in fact be similarly eclipsed by exposure to advanced civilization, vanishing too in the irrelevance of our primitive understandings and technologies relative to understandings and technologies so much greater as to likely seem magical.

Since there are good reasons for not desiring such a thing to happen (loss of culture, irrelevance of primitive lives) there may be active forces working to prevent it. That is, if there was a galactic civilization, there would be people whose interest would be served by suppressing the information. Those with stature and riches in the local culture would not want to see their applecart disrupted. Politicians, corporations, militaries, even whole economies would stand to be greatly diminished in power and importance by Earth making uninhibited contact with galactic culture. Besides like aborigines we aren't even ready, most people probably couldn't handle it. But that's stepping over the line a bit to even imagine that we would be welcomed into a galactic culture, as immaturely warlike as we are. If I belonged to a galactic culture, I wouldn't want Earthlings to be enlightened by membership if they might use my knowledge to try to go to war against me, so clearly we are not ready as a culture. But that doesn't mean we can't become ready.

Personally I would like to know about and be able to join the galactic culture that all reason and common sense tells me must be out there. I don't care about skeptics, I think they're stupid dumbasses incapable of thinking beyond narrow little views and opinions that they ought to easily be able to see are invalid. But if anyone else feels the same way I do, I hope you will add your voice to my desire and thereby make it grow. Maybe if there are enough of us who want to join the galactic culture we might somehow someday get to vote on it or something else will happen to make it possible. I don't know how it might happen but every step isn't necessary to know now, what's important is to start taking steps now and begin the journey. Because the one thing that is certain is that if we do nothing and continue to live in comfortable obliviousness as if nuclear weapons of mass destruction didn't mark us as uncivilized barbarians, then the interests who benefit from us not knowing the galactic culture will win out and it won't happen.

Let this be an assembly of facts; first let's get an idea of the scale of the universe:

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