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CreateSpace is a member of the Amazon group of companies, providing innovative tools and services to help authors, filmmakers and musicians publish and distribute their creative content to millions of potential customers. Their manufacture on-demand technology makes it easy and economical for content creators to make their books, films, and music available across a variety of retail and wholesale channels, including Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com, without an upfront investment in inventory. Free accounts are available for those who can do most of the work themselves (such as preparing PDF files for upload) and higher-level services such as editing are available at moderate cost. This has to be absolutely one of the best ways to get your book (or music or other audio and video) published!

The sizable and rapidly expanding range of books, DVDs and CDs available through the CreateSpace platform - now in excess of 2 million titles - exemplifies how quickly on-demand production and distribution are being adopted! If you are a Yolo County author who publishes through CreateSpace please send us an email about it with a link to your book and we'll add it to this page.

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