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Cartesian Dualism Revisited

Complementarity of Mind and Body

Cartesian dualism is revisited in a new book titled "Complementarity of Mind and Body: Realizing the Dream of Descartes, Einstein and Eccles", published by Nova Publishers and described on their website at https://www.novapublishers.com/ The book can be purchased at a considerable discount on Amazon (click on graphic widget at bottom)

Product Description:

"The noetic model is the first theory of any kind to explain qualia in physical terms. The formal delineation of the life principle or elan vital explains not only the origin of self-organisation in living systems, providing the basis for the first comprehensive dualist theory, but also is what makes the model empirically testable allowing this volume to make history. The floodgates are about to open to almost unimaginable advances in the field of consciousness studies. This book introduces a comprehensive empirically testable model of dualism-interactionism to legitimise the interactionist model at a level tantamount to any other avenue of epistemological investigation."

This volume is a collection of chapters by various authors and edited by Richard Amoroso. Chapter 1 is by Nobel Prize winner Karl Pribram. Chapter 9 is by our own U.C. Davis graduate Karl Simanonok.

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